JR Fisher’s Inner Circle

The Basics

  • Name: J.R. Fisher’s Inner Circle
  • Owner: J.R. Fisher
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jrfishermarketing/
  • Website: Landing Page
  • Price: $397/Month
  • Overall Rank:  84/100 (Good, but expensive)
  • Best For: Those who want to build (or grow) an online business, who want personal expert advice and are willing to pay for it.

Overview of JR Fisher’s Inner Circle

There are many big names out there in the online business training niche.  One program worth noting is J.R. Fisher’s Inner Circle.  J.R. Fisher is one of those big names in the online business scene.  He’s been very successful in different online business models.  He has product creation and selling/marketing experience.  JR Fisher’s Inner Circle is a program that comes highly recommended by another big name in the online business training circles, Justin Atlin, who is the co-founder of ClickBank University.  Justin is pretty savvy on what’s what in the online business training realm.

Fisher started Survival Cave Food, which is sold in big box stores and online.  He comes at the online business model from all directions, and has experience (and success) with each.  Perhaps this experience gives him a bit of extra insight for his online training.  But beware, it isn’t cheap, on purpose.  He is personally involved in this program, and members of his inner circle can have direct access to him.  I believe he limits the number of people in his inner circle for this reason.  If he didn’t, it would lose value, as he wouldn’t have time to spend with each person, as is promised.  This is also one reason why the cost of admission is higher.

Is JR Fisher’s Inner Circle worth it?  Or would you be better off going with a far more cost effective online training platform, like my currently recommended program reviewed HERE?  The answer depends on what you’re looking for, and how much of a budget you have.

With this program, you are actually getting multiple programs… pretty much all his previous training programs rolled into one monthly price.

What’s Included?

Here’s the short list of what you get for your money.  I’ll expand on some of these items, below.

  • Access to current courses, including Web Cash Academy, Ecom Road, Digital Cash Academy, Email Earnings System, Facebook Ads University.
  • Business building and research software.
  • Access to private Facebook group.
  • Bi-Weekly coaching calls.
  • Yearly Mastermind in San Diego.
  • Platform to build relationships.
  • Networking
  • Insight into High Level Mastermind
  • Ability to submit things to JR directly, for review and advice.  These things can include Ads, Landing pages, Websites, Products, Pricing, Funnels, e-mails, subject lines/headlines, ideas, problems, and the like.

The claim made is that for $397/mo, you get access to $46,382 worth of training, tools, and software, based on what it was originally sold for.

While JR Fisher’s Inner Circle does seem to offer a lot of value, I have to say that the humongous figure given is likely based on a retail price that was never actually charged.  For example (random example, not from JR’s platform), if a class was advertised as costing $1500, but was actually on sale for $299, it’s still being touted as a “$1500 value”, even if it was always sold for the “sale” price.  This is a common sales technique, and is used all too frequently in the arena of online business building training.  The psychology is obvious, which can be read in a few different ways, from the perspective of how the program is sold.  Is it a sales gimmick, a super value proposition, or somewhere in between?  I’ll leave it up to the reader to made that call.  I’m merely presenting the facts as I know them.

As far as JR’s program is concerned, I’m not sure if this is sales gimmick, or if he really did sell it at the “original price” at one time.  Given the price suggested of Facebook Ads University ($27,000), I can’t imagine anyone forking over this kind of money to be trained on Facebook ads.  Really.  For that kind of money, you can learn via hard knocks, and still not throw away as much on Facebook ads as you’d spend on this training.  While there is a huge advantage to placing ads correctly from day one, I could never recommend purchasing any online business training program for this amount of money.  For $27K, you could buy an existing online business that is already built and profitable (a true turn-key business).

The reality is that the “original cost” is irrelevant in this case, as the training is included in JR Fisher’s Inner Circle for the same monthly costs advertised.  And to be honest, I really don’t know if it was ever sold at the claimed original price.  I just know that I’d have never forked over that kind of money for it.  Call me cheap (I prefer “frugal”.  😉 ).

Holistic Training

The combination of all the programs pretty much covers all aspects of online business building, and how to scale it.  It covers drop-shipping on Shopify, e-mail marketing, product selection and creation, website building, sales funnels, advertising, affiliate marketing, and beyond.  In addition, you get personal access to someone who’s very experienced and successful in multiple online business models.

Whether it’s worth the high cost of admission is something you have to decide for yourself.  All I can say is that it’s not a scam, and might be for you if you don’t mind making what amounts to a monthly car payment to build your business.  Sure, it sounds like a lot, but it’s silly cheap when compared to building a “brick and mortar” business.

If this interests you, or if you want to find out more information, you can check it out HERE.

Of course, there are no guarantees of success, no matter how much money you spend on training.

If this sounds a bit (or a lot) too expensive to you, then it probably is.  If you are new, and aren’t really sure about how you want to go about building an online business, might I suggest a way to start your online business for free?  You get a good bit of training that will get your going, two free websites, web hosting, tools, and a supportive community, all for free (no strings, no credit card required).  If this sounds good, you can create your free Wealthy Affiliate account HERE.

My Personal Take

It’s expensive.  However, if you can afford it, and want a successful professional to look over your Web site, ads, or other aspect of your online business as you grow, it may be worth the money.  I’ve personally spent more money on training when I first started out, though it was for starting my Amazon business.  The reason I paid up, was because I’d have a highly successful person walk me through each step of the process – someone I could bounce ideas off, and double check things for me.  When starting out, such things are a huge help, and while I paid quite a bit for this service.  For me, it’s been worth it.  But that’s me.  I was making decent money well before I starting building online businesses.  It was a lot of money, but not a huge stretch for me, financially.

The truth is that you may be able to find similar training elsewhere, for less money.  There are no “secrets”, just techniques, and they evolve over time.  However, what you don’t get with most cheaper products is expert advice, and someone who can guide you, personally.  There is a lot of value to that – even if it’s just to go over an Facebook ad you created or a product idea (that was where the expense of my training paid off).

With that said, I do find it hard to get by the cost, though I do understand why it’s not cheap.  If the monthly premium is no big deal to you, this program could be a good value.  There are many good reviews on it, and a couple of reviews claiming it is a scam (you will find these with just about any online business training, so I usually don’t take a lot of stock in those when the majority of the reviews are good).  My research tells me it’s a valid program, and worth considering if you can afford it, and have every intention of getting the most out of it.  It covers different kinds of online businesses all in one place, which is a plus.

For those who balk at the price, but have a desire to make money online, I’ll make one final plug for a way you can do this for free, by providing a link to my currently recommended platform, Wealthy Affiliate.  I’m a frugal person by nature, and wish I’d have found this program a long time ago.  You won’t get information or guidance on Shopify store building or product sourcing, but you will get a lot of other information on how to start and grow an online business.

Only you can decide whether or not JR Fisher’s Inner Circle is worth the price.  I can only say the program, itself , is legit.  It’s also expensive.

If you decide to try it out, you aren’t locked into a contract, and can cancel at any time.  The worst case is that you’re out is the initial payment… and even then, this is sold on ClickBank, so their return policy is in effect.  Be sure you understand the specific refund policies for JR Fisher’s Inner Circle, though.  ClickBank does give some leeway to its vendors on this.  I will not post the return policy here, as it is possible that it can change over time without my knowing.  I do not want to unintentionally post false information.

Good luck in your online business pursuits, whatever direction you take.  Feel free to ask questions, I’m here to help.

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